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The Clan Davidson Society in New Zealand was formed in 1998 and is represented at many Scottish gatherings around the country


If you bear the name Davidson or one of its associated names, we hope you enjoy exploring this site and discovering more about your Davidson heritage.
We also invite you to become a member.
Davison, Dawson, Deason, Dyson, Davie, Davis, Davy, Daw, Dey, Day, Dea, Dean, Deane, Deas, Deason, Dow, Dye, Kay, Keay, Key, Keys, MacDade, MacDaid, MacDavid, MacDavitt, McKeddie, MacKay (Moray only)

The next New Zealand clan gathering will be held in
Christchurch from 8-10 May.

You are invited to the inauguration ceremony for the new Chief of Clan Davidson, Grant Guthrie Davidson, to take place on
Saturday 9 May.
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Pictures from previous clan gatherings

Dunedin 2012

Turakina 2013

Wanganui 2013

 Hamilton 2014


Alister Guthrie Davidson
27 May 1924-26 Dec 2014
The Clan Davidson Society in New Zealand salutes the passing of Alister Guthrie Davidson, their greatly respected Chief and friend. His Clansmen will always remember the quiet dignity that Jock brought to his role as Chief. He was held in the highest esteem and greatly respected by all who knew him. In the fulfilment of his Chiefly service he brought honour on himself, his family and his Clan. His passing is keenly mourned by us all.


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