Clan Chief

The Davidsons of Tulloch
In the 18th century we find important families such as the Davidsons of Cantray and the Davidsons of Tulloch.  The latter claimed descent from the Chief of Clan Davidson/MacDhai of Invernahaven in Badenoch and came into possession of the lands and castle of Tulloch, near Dingwall, Ross-shire in 1762, when Henry Davidson purchased the estate from his cousin Kenneth Bayne.  The Castle was the residence of Clan Davidson Chiefs from 1762 until the death of Duncan VI of Tulloch in 1917 when it passed into other hands and the Chiefship lay dormant for nearly eighty years.

Later popular tradition has associated the Davidsons with the estate of Davidston in Cromarty, the laird of which is mentioned in 1501 and 1508, in the course of a legal action taken against Dingwall and Tain by the Burgh of Inverness.  Research is ongoing and Davidston today is an important farm which includes some of the best arable land on the Black Isle.

The current Clan Davidson Chief is a direct descendant of the Tulloch Chiefs of Clan Davidson.

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The New Zealand Connection

Hector Francis Davidson
Duncan Hector Davidson, 1st of Davidston
Alister Guthrie Davidson, 2nd of Davidston
Grant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidston