Duncan Hector Davidson

Duncan Hector D1st of Davidston (1916-1998)
After Eoin’s death in 1974, his son Duncan took up the challenge to prove his claim. However, he struggled to find proof of his lineage until the newly formed Clan Davidson Societies in the UK and Australia threw their collective expertise into the effort. After many years of negotiations, Hector’s grandson, Duncan Hector Davidson, was finally recognised by the Lord Lyon King of Arms as Chief of the Name and Arms of Clan Davidson in June 1996, eighty years after the last chief had died.

Duncan Davidson was born in Dargaville on 14 June 1916, was educated at Whangarei High School and began an electrical engineering degree at Auckland University but had his studies interrupted by World War II. He married Lois Isobel (Patricia) PATTISON in 1942 and they had one daughter, Donna Sue.

He served as a draughtsman with the Royal New Zealand Air Force at Ohakea and in 1945 joined the Hawke’s Bay Electric Power Board as Assistant Engineer. He rose to the position of Chief Engineer in 1975 prior to his retirement early in 1978.

He also served on the Hawke’s Bay County Council and the Hawke’s Bay Catchment Board and was a Justice of the Peace.

Duncan was very much conscious of his responsibility as Chief and had spent many years in the struggle to have the chiefship recognised. Sadly, Duncan was to be Chief for only one year and died in February 1998. Having no sons he was succeeded by his cousin, our present chief, Alister Guthrie Davidson, known to one and all as Jock.

Jock had this to say about his honoured predecessor: “I cannot help but wonder what might have been, if the search for the Chief had been successful some thirty years earlier. Duncan would have made a wonderful leader. He had a good sense of humor, was kind, thoughtful, considerate to others and above all, had a wonderful personality. I am sure that his father in particular, and mine also, would be delighted to know that after all this time, this branch of the family had finally been recognized as legitimate heirs to the Clan leadership.”

The New Zealand Connection

Hector Francis Davidson
Duncan Hector Davidson, 1st of Davidston
Alister Guthrie Davidson, 2nd of Davidston