Hector Francis Davidson

The son of Duncan 4th Davidson of Tulloch and Mary Mackenzie Hector and Marywas born 1857 in Brussels, Belgium and went to school in Crieff, Perthshire along with this brother Alaister. He immigrated to New Zealand to breed sheep and married Caroline Jane Evans in 1885. Their three sons Eion, Hector and Lionel were born in New Zealand and educated at Wanganui Collegiate School.

The family settled north of Wellington and from newspaper reports we know that initially he worked for another sheep breeder, Mr Cobb before owning his own property at Heatherlea where he built a comfortable architect-designed residence in 1892. He was very successful as a breeder of Cotswold sheep which were exhibited at the Manawatu Show. In 1897 he was appointed Valuer for the Borough of Foxton. After disposing of his farm he commenced business as a land agent in Levin, subsequently moving to Pahiatua where he died in December 1907. He was also a JP at Kereru and Pahiatua. Six weeks prior to his death they lost their son, Hector Ivan, in a fatal cycling accident at Wanganui on 3 November.

The family in New Zealand had always been aware of their position as the last direct descending line. Descent is only through the male line, and it was believed that lines of descent from the first three wives had died out.

In the late 1950s, Hector’s son, Eoin sought audience with the Lord Lyon, and for ten years he attempted to substantiate his claim to be Chief. Eoin was hampered by two things. The first was a counter-claim from an earlier Tulloch line, descendants of John Ewen Davidson, the Australian sugar pioneer. Secondly, and of much greater difficulty, there was the tangled genealogical web involving the issue of Duncan IV of Tulloch with his several wives and many children, not all of whom could be accounted for.

The New Zealand Connection

Hector Francis Davidson
Duncan Hector Davidson, 1st of Davidston
Alister Guthrie Davidson, 2nd of Davidston