The Clan

Clan CrestA stag's headcr031
Clan MottoSapienter si sincere "Wisely if sincerely" or alternatively "Wisdom comes from sincerity".
Clan BadgeThis version is frequently seen and probably based on the image used by the Clan Dhai up to 1939.
Gaelic NameMacDhaibhidh.
Clan Plant BadgeRed Whortleberry which is found in abundance in forests, moors and on the slopes of hills of Clan Chattan country. It is also the Clan Chattan badge.Red Whortleberry
Clan SaluteThe pibroch Failte Thighearna Thulaich (Welcome to the Laird of Tulloch) composed by the master piper John Mackay for Duncan, 4th Davidson of Tulloch.
Davidson Day24 May – the day of the death of King David I of Scotland and thus his name day.
Clan ChiefGrant Guthrie Davidson, 3rd of Davidston.