We welcome anyone who bears the name of DAVIDSON or associated names (septs) and to all who can trace their descent from an ancestor bearing these names:

Davison, Dawson, Deason, Dyson, Davie, Davis, Davy, Daw, Dey, Day, Dea, Dean, Deane, Deas, Deason, Dow, Dye, Kay, Keay, Key, Keys, MacDade, MacDaid, MacDavid, MacDavitt, McKeddie, MacKay (Moray only)


● A member newsletter is sent out at least three times each year to all financial members.

● A clan gathering is held in various parts of New Zealand each year providing an opportunity to enjoy the camaraderie of other members. The AGM is held in conjunction with this.

● Members can receive assistance with their genealogical research from our experienced genealogist who also maintains a database of New Zealand Davidsons and Davisons for genealogy purposes. This is very useful to link families looking for family both here and overseas.

● Members are able to have their earliest Davidson ancestor included in the Genealogy section of the website as well as any other information or queries they may have.

To apply for membership please download the Membership Application form, print, complete all sections and mail it with your payment.