Tulloch Castle

Key Dates in the Castle’s History

1166-1185During this period the Keep was built in Dingwall in the Scottish Highlands.
1500'sApproximate date of the oldest part of the current castle.
1542 Bayne family in occupation.
1665The castle was built on the keep, built as a square with a large courtyard in the middle. Main entrance was on the east. Aerial view from the south-west 1920s small
1747The castle had extensions added to it on the west side.
1762Due to financial difficulties, the estate was bankrupt and was sold to a cousin Henry Davidson (son of William Davidson who was married to Jean Bayne) in the January for ₤10,500 - more than twice the market value. Henry thus became the 1st Davidson of Tulloch. An addition was made to the castle that same year. Davidson Tulloch, Caisteal Corach small
1770's The Tulloch farm was rebuilt.
1789Caisteal Gorach, designed by Robert Adam, was built on the hill above Tulloch.
1838A fire destroyed an extensive part of the front of the castle.
1845The castle was again damaged by fire.
1891Restoration and improvements by Andrew Maitland & Sons.
1917Duncan, 6th and last Davidson of Tulloch, Laird dies. Under his will, his wife, Mary Gwendoline, continues to live in the castle until her death and then to be passed to Douglas Vickers who had married a grand-daughter of Duncan 4th. Davidson, Tulloch Burial  Site after Restoration small
1920-23 A new third storey was added to the east wing for Vickers family by Sir Robert Lorimer. Mary Gwendoline outlived Douglas Vickers and on her death the castle passed to his third son, Angus Douglas Vickers.Main entrance small
1957-58 He eventually sold the castle to the Ross-shire County Council who leased it to the Education Authority and it was used as a school hostel.
1996The castle was sold to the MacAulays who turned it into a hotel which it remains today. Tulloch Castle Hotel is now part of the Oxford Hotels and Inns UK chain.
2007A former deer larder at the hotel is converted into the 'Clan Davidson Room' - the small museum houses the clan's artefacts and memorabilia.33 Tulloch West Wing 2006 small new
2009Restoration and conservation of the Davidson Burial Ground and legal ownership by Clan Davidson UK.
Davidson Tulloch Burial  Site Marker smallStu and Judy at Clan Davidson Room 2009 bigOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA